turtley series

About Turtley®

Turtley is a humanoid cartoon character and personality with superpower capabilities: He is a young adult who was taken for a “slow” and ordinary person by his friends after a freakish accident. While in this low moment, a self-assured but compassionate lady helped him to discover his superhuman abilities. The world was changed forever when it was discovered that he could handle easily near-impossible situations using his superpowers.

What Turtley® Can Do

* He has the ability to transform into a turtle-like superhero that can fly;
* He can transform into a submarine;
* He is able to turn into a spaceship;
* And has the ability to develop internal gadgets for respective purposes and also transport people through time and into different parts of the world.
* The story behind Turtley’s creation and the series emanating from it are so fascinating that we are using TeeLab Platform to generate support and get the word out so we can makeTurtley available to the world.

Why You Should Support the Crowdfunding

The theme of the Turtley Series and the resulting properties is to entertain, educate, inform, motivate and challenge individuals to discover their individuality and uniqueness while using those unique traits to overcome all the odds against them.

As each Turtley spin-off will demonstrate:
- Victories come after a battle;
- Winning is against opposition
- Success is after an unsurmountable challenge
- Oneness comes from uniting divided interests through a common thread
- And love is the best antidote to hatred through a strong sense of self while appreciating others’ unique individuality.

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This theme will leverage emerging technologies and will be expressed and distributed via:

• Cartoon Series & Web Comics
• Video Games & Apps
• Book Publishing
• Merchandise